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Friday, March 23, 2012

cuci the musical LAST KOPEK

15 Mac 2012! Hari yang ditunggu2… know why?? Sebab hari ni aku ngan hubby ngn dayat and zahara pegi tengok cuci the musical teater- last kopek!! Demi cuci the musical, aku amek cuti hari tu and the day after. Sungguh lah excitednyer diri ku ini.

Actually dah lama aku simpan hasrat nak tengok teater dgn hubby coz hubby tak pernah lagi ada experience tengok teater kat istana budaya. So, it will be my honor lah to be the one he shares his first experience with. Tambah pulak dayat sangat2 bersemangat nak tgk teater nih coz dia big fan of afdlin Shahuki. So, tak yah pikir banyak2 dah, kami pon book ticket!

so, on 15 mac tuh kami pon pegi lag menontonnyer… dah lama aku tak tgk teater, mmg rasa sangat best! And cerita cuci the musical tu pon memang sangat KELASSSSS!!! Gelak tanpa henti yer… release stress semua! Time gelak tu mmg tak ingt lah anak kat umah yg tinggl ngn mak mertua. Hehehe…

b4 the show started

zahara, dayat and me!

Lepas abes tgk, terus rasa nak tgk lagi. Ikutkan hati nak aje aku beli tiket utk esok pulak, tapi sedor2 ler diri tu… tak kan tiap2 mlm nak ninggalkan anak kannnnn.. hahaha… aku harap kat astro nnt kuar la cuci the musical teater nih, confirm akan aku subscribe!

Yeah, teater tu abes around 12.15am gitu, katanya ini show yang paling panjang. Terlebih lawak agaknyer… tapi walopon dah lewat tetap kami tunggu sesi berjumpe, sign2 dan bergambar2 dengan pelakon2 tu. Yeahhh… yang paling penting aku nak jumpe hans Isaac yang dlm citer tu aku rasa mcm dia sgt hensem. Lupe jap ngn kehenseman laki sendiri. Hahaha… sori hubby~ hehe.. and hubby plak nak gambar dgn vanida imran. Ngan yang lain2 dia tak mau! As for dayat of course ler dgn idola dia… afdlin shauki sweet gedempol… zahara?? Tak larat nak join sbb dah kelaparan.

sbb ni blog aku, aku tak letak la gambo dayat ngn afdlin.
aku letak gambo aku sndri la.. hehe

awie rock! err.. lengan besar aku tak dpt disembunyikan lagi..

nabil, ko mmg lawokk!

the most important! gambar ngn hans isaac yg hensem!

and hubby and vanida imran..

So rite after that, kami pon memecut ke tempat makan! Kita pekena nasik lemak antarabangsa kat kampong baru! Bruppp!! Jenuh tahan lapar. Ape tak nyer, show start 8.30pm, aku kuar rumah pkl 6pm (tu pon rushing sbb jln jem nak mampos), tak sempat nak dinner. Nak makan b4 keluar rumah perut masih kenyang. Then Show abes 12.15am. ada interval 15 menet jerr mmg tak sempat arr nak makan. So tahan la lapar sampai tahap kebulurannn… seb baek show TERBAEKK… time gelak2 tu mmg tak ingat la perut tgh laparr… moral of the story, next time sila makan late lunch atau sumbat gak perut walopon kenyang lagi sebelum p tgk teater yerr…

Lepas makan kami pulangg… what a wonderful night we had.. sejak dah ada anak this is the first time aku ngn hubby dapat kuar buat activity malam. Terasa macam masa belum kawen plak! Ehehe~

What ever it is, aku nak kata kat sini yang cuci the musical last kopek memang terbaekkkkk!!! Haihhh nape la dia last kopek?? Tak leh dah nak mengharap lepas ni akan ada lagi cuci the musical…. Tapi aku harap gak semoga pas ni akan ada lagi cuci the musical. Owhhh abg hans Isaac yg hensem, pasni buat arr lagi cuci the musical last kopek yang last punyerrrrrr pulakk!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2nd March 2012

This is our 5th year!! 5 years in a row without fail, we celebrate our LOVE DAY ANNIVERSARY at a place where it begun. It isn’t our wedding anniversary, it is our officially being in love relationship anniversary. Hahaha.. who gets confuse please refer to my other entries with 2nd march label.

This year 2nd march was on Friday! Really suits the place we dined in, TGI Friday! And it isn’t just ordinary TGIF, it is THE TGIF where hubby proposed me to be his life partner. Very very special and high in sentimental value! Really hope TGIF Subang will always be there so that we can have our annual dinner at the same place every year to celebrate our love day anniversary!
This year’s dinner is a bit challenging because Raheel is owedi 1 yrs and 4 mths old, last year he just sit still, this time around he simply can’t stay put anymore! Budak dah besar… so, besides being romantic to each other we have to mind about Raheel. Sampai terlupa hubby nak renew his license. Haha.. I call it renewing license because each year hubby will perform the proposing part, just like the first time he asked me to be his girlfriend. But he did it anyway, in the car before we went back home.

This year also we didn’t sit at the table near the wall, the same spot as it happened 5 years ago, instead we choose a table that is more comfy for Raheel, table with long soft bench so that Raheel doesn’t have to use a babychair. And mostly that night was all about having fun with Raheel and the night was wonderful as it always for the past 5 years.

And there’s something extra this year. We have surprise for each other. I’ve prepared a gift for hubby and unexpectedly he also did the same. Note: We have never exchanging gift for this occasion before. Anyhow, gift isn’t really matters, the most important matters is that we love and care for each other no matter what. And the feelings keep growing fonder each day and each year passing by… I am so very very happy! And, happy LOVE DAY ANNIVERSARY HubbyGoBee!!

Ayah, Raheel and playing with straw time!
Bonda, Raheel and his meal
one happy family~

Monday, March 5, 2012

Applying Malaysia International Passport

Skema nye tajuk...
Raheel's passport! skema jerr gambar dia!

Yeayy!! Raheel has a passport! Raheel has a passport! Last month (nampak beno dah outdated citer nih) I went to Putrajaya immigration office to apply a passport for Raheel and to renew my almost expire passport. The process is very simple.

1. download the form from immigration department official website. Download form then print the form on both side of an A4 paper. Note that Printing on two pieces of paper will not be accepted.

2. fill the form and make sure completed every details required. Attached 2 passport size photos and a copy of your IC. In Raheel’s case a copy of his birth cert lah. For passport renewal don’t forget to bring you expired passport.

3. go to any immigration office and submit the form at the ticketing counter. The officer on duty will check your application form and ticket will be issued if the form is complete. note, putrajaya immigration office is open even during lunch hour.

4. shortly, you number will be called to proceed to processing counter. processing will only take a few minutes, then wait for your number to be called again to proceed cashier counter.

5. after payment being made, it will only take about an hour before you can collect your new passport!

taraaa!! my new and old passport~
Simple kan?? so what are you waiting for?? Lets make a passport!

hwm.. since raheel has a passport owedi, nih yang bonda rasa tak sabar nak bawak jejalan obersea nih! hehehe..


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