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Sunday, January 1, 2012

more red velvet... and a macaron

Little white café bangi, pay a visit there with a mission – to find red velvet cup cake which has so many nice review from people who had taste it before. I need to experience it myself in order to know how a delicious red velvet tastes like since I have tasted one from starbucks and I wasn’t quite satisfy.  
Thank u to my loyal best soul mate (hubby la… who else kan?) for drive me there. We weren’t very familiar with bangi area but with a clear direction given by kak ros we found the little white café without any difficulty. thank u kak ros!

at the cafe,
A very nice ambiance the café has. We sit at the sofa with coffee table and enjoying the red velvet butter milk cupcake and a blueberry macaron. Yeahh… I found macaron there which I didn’t expect. Actually macaron was also one of a food in my wish to try list. (ni semua pengaruh masterchef ler nih!) hehehe… also, I tapau one slice of red velvet cake. 

So, the cupcake was nice… yummy and the frosting was creamy. And the sliced cake was also nice with a very generous creamy topping. But if that is how red velvet tastes like I guess it has nothing special to me except for the red colour. Nice flavour but tastes just like any other ordinary cake. I like it but I won’t put it in my favourite list. Hehe…

the cupcake
sliced cake. tgk ada tangan si budak tu tak sabar nak rasa!

When I first heard the name “red velvet” and saw the fresh red colour I was so tempted and put a very high expectation for it to taste really nice. But turns out the taste aren’t as vast as its name and its look and its popularity... well, that’s my summary from 3 types of red velvet from 2 different places I experienced. May eventually I will found the one that will make my heart melt! I have to keep experimenting though…

blueberry macaron
Ok, enough of red velvet. As for the little white café macaron all I can say is it was wayyy too sweet! Taste of sweet has over powering all other taste. Even the sweet tooth me cannot handle the sugary taste what more dayat! Ehee.. suddenly dayat’s name appear in this entry. Dayat is a friend of mine who will oder less sweet in everything she eats or drinks.

Rite, I think that’s it for now. I will keep searching and looking and seeking and hunting for yummy yummy red velvet and macarons and what ever food that I am wishing to try until I found one that satisfy my hunger. Hehehe… guess I can call my self a food hunter lah! Boley?? Hehehe…

pesanan penaja: dah lama type enrty ni, tapi asyik tak sempat nak post pasal tunggu upload gambar..


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