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Monday, October 31, 2011

review about Colmar Tropicale - a french theme resort

Recently hubby and I together with our 10 month old son, Raheel, went for a trip to Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. It is a French themed resort under Berjaya Hill located 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests (taken from the website). The concept, the scenery, the environment and surroundings really is spectacular! really siuts to those who wants to rest, relax and have a peace retreat.

For me everything there is perfect BUT the hospitality by the staff. They are very unfriendly and inefficient. First, the reception didn’t give precise information about the room available. She told us that there only 2 type of room available which is standard room comes with 2 single beds and suite comes with 1 king sized bed. I plan to stay only one night and don’t mind staying in a small room as long as hubby, Raheel and I can sleep together on a bed. So I asked the lady whether the single bed can be moved closer together (like most hotels). And she confidently said yes! So without thinking any further we took the standard room.

Then we proceed to our car, collect our luggage and wandering at the basement parking looking for which door to accessed to our block. I saw some maintenance worker looking at us and nobody offered any help. Yes, you are the maintenance guy, nothing to do with bell boy or whatsoever but you are the hosts and we are the guess… at least you can show us the right direction. There I see the unfriendliness and their unwillingness to help.

Come in the room, the first thing I checked was the bed. We tried to move the bed closer but it is actually a build-in bed and cannot be moved at all! Gggrrr!! Hangen satu badan aku! If the lady gave us right information we must have took the suite! How can I possibly sleep on a single bed and breastfeed raheel? Mau tergolek budak tu. Dah ler dia tido suke pusing2!
so, after some considerations my hubby called the receptionist asking to upgrade our room. We waited almost half an hour for the process and the bellboy came to bring our bags and lead us to our new room. On the way to the room my hubby and I tried to make a conversation but he didn’t seem interested. Cisss! Memang tak peramah!
Once we entered the suite, wahhhh!!! It’s huge man! Really huge! Kalo nak main kejar2 dlm bathroom pon buleh! Memang puas hati but the furniture quite old… but it is ok and worth the price...

Long story short, dinner time we head to one of the restaurant (forgot the name cause all the shops there using French name. we ate roasted chiken! Yummy! Yummy ke?? Not so yummy but ok ok la… it’s not the food I wanna talk about, it’s the waiter. The unfriendliness of them… I don’t know how to explain, all I can say is I don’t feel warm or cozy eating there.

Then after having dinner we go jalan2 around the resort and before head back to our room we stop at their pizza restaurant to tapau a pizza. This time I wasn’t only upset about their unfriendliness but I felt so mad of the waitress rudeness!

We came into the restaurant, nobody even looking at us what more to greet, Haram! Then dengan terpinga2 we were looking for any waiter to take our order. Then my hubby approached this one lady and with a sour face she asked us to wait. Hell! Buat2 busy pulak! There I saw only two tables are occupied! Finally there’s one Indian lady took our order. My hubby asked her recommendation on the pizza. Maklumla, all the pizza name is in French. And she answered without even looking at us and with a fedup reaction. Damn! Terbakar betol aku. We were not looking for attention or royal treatment, but pay a little respect. We are guess here!

The next day, we decided to take the provided tram to Animal Park. When we reach their waiting hut I saw their worker sitting there chatting and joking with each other. Nobody greet us as we approached. And when my hubby ask about departure time to animal park one of them answered then or while continue laughing with their jokes. JERK!! As we sat there waiting I felt so grrRR with their behavior. They acted as we were not existing.

It was the same at the animal park. The entrance guy was not friendly at all. We weren’t feeling welcome at the animal park! Luckily the animals there especially the rabbit are all friendly! Yes, I can say that animal there is more friendly than the human!

I’ve been to many places/ resort that’s why I can see so much different comparing to colmar tropicale in term of warmth and kindness of the staff. When I was in Holiday Villa Bali, smiles never leave their faces and they greet us whenever they see us. Same goes in phuket and nothing less when I stayed in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. And as far as I can remember I have never came across any hotels or resort with this lousy treatment as colmar tropicale.

What a shame, Berjaya Hill succeeded to build a very gorgeous resort, with so much attractions and stunning scenery but they failed to trained their employee with the skills of hospitality-the most essential skill.

I’ve already lodged a complaint about this matter through guess satisfaction survey and I really hope there will be changes on their staff attitude when I see them in my next visit.

Friday, October 28, 2011

bawak raheel pegi motoGP

23 october 2011, ayah and bonda brought Raheel to Sepang International Circuit to watch MotoGP racing! At first we felt a bit worried to bring him there because we knew how it’ll be like at the venue-, crowded with people, noise from the motor engine will be very loud and the hot weather may boil our head especially Raheel’s. but after some consideration we brought him there hoping that he will be tough to bear with that noisy and stuffy environment.

At first, we decided to just walk in there for buying merchandise without watching the race. Ticket for the race is quite expensive and we didn’t want to take the risk of buying tickets and end up not watching the race. When Raheel is around we could hardly predict anything, right… But it’s our rezeki when hubby’s sister’s friend got extra free tickets… so rezeki jgn ditolak. Ater some shopping2 (hubby bought t-shirt for him and for me and a valentine rossi no. 46 monster energy cap) we proceed to the hill view area to watch the race.

Sadly, after 2 laps the race is being red flagged (canceled) due to fatal accident involving marco simoncelli, collin Edward and valentine rossi which causing the death of marco simoncelli. (see my previous entry).
What a tiring day for Raheel and also ayah and bonda. We had to carry Raheel and walk so very very far from and to our car park. And plus a ridiculous traffic jam due to unacceptable tak masuk akal punye closing road and diversion of the traffic flow… nevertheless, we still enjoyed this kind of adventure with Raheel….
during the night, raheel's body feel a bit warm. alamak! demam ke?? bonda started panic and feel guilty and look for cool fever to reduce the warm. the next morning his forehead not warm anymore... Raheel really is a tough boy... didn't caught any fever after the event. Only his skin looks a bit tanned. hehehe....

nanges pulak dia bila aunty Jac carry..

serius- concentrate tgk race!

ayah dan anak di tepian litar..
hasil motoGP- muka raheel tanned sket
next year kita pegi lagi yerrr~ yeay!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

marco simoncelli in memories...

tak tau kenape aku nak buat entry pasal mamat nih. sape tak tau, dia ni motoGP rider orang itali. ride moto nombor 58. aku nih bukan la peminat dia pon. aku minat macro melandri orang italy gak! rider nombor 33. aku minat sejak dia ride 125cc... then dia masuk motoGP, tapi lepas tukar2 team dia giveup kot dah malas nak race ngn motoGP dia race kat world superbike plak... hubby plak minat valentino rossi, italian jugak! ride moto nombor 46! aku minat jugak la mamat nih sbb dia memang teror! kalo race asyik2 dia jer menang! hehe..

ok, pasal marco simoncelli ni, last sekali aku tgk dia race sebelom kat sepang aritu ialah kat philip island circuit, australia. masa tu dia dpt naik podium, 2nd place kalo aku tak silap. aku nengok la masa press conference after race tu... si simoncelli ni penampilan dia sangat lah serabai tau. rambut kerinting menggerbang then suara dia plak agak pelik and bila dia cakap bahasa inggeris lagi pelik bunyik nya.. masa tu aku dok ngutuk2 dia... tup tup skrg ni dia dah tak de... errkk.. rasa berdose! Huhu..

eksiden dia kat litar sepang tuh sangat lah tragis... kami penonton2 nih terpinga2 bila nampak red flag dikibarkan. Aku dah agak dah eksiden mesti teruk nih tapi tak sangka plak sampai membawa maut. simpati betol aku pada marco simoncelli and family dia… ishh ishh… dah ajal kan… kat litar sepang pulak sampai ajal dia…

sesape yang tak tau sgt pasal lumba2 motor ni mesti blur kan? Ape lah yang aku merepek nih… ekceli ari ahad hari tu, 23 oktober 2011 ada perlumbaan motorGP kat litar sepang. And masa lap kedua marco simoncelli terjatuh masa amik selekoh, then dia masuk laluan colin Edward and valentine rossi and dierang terlanggar kepala and tengkuk dia sampai tercabut helmet... Dia cedera parah and tak dapat diselamatkan. Masa tu race terus dihentikan…

ishh ishh… tak sangka lah! Aku selalu tengok rider motoGP nih tergolek2 bila jatuh, tapi jarang sgt dengar dierang ni badly injured… kali ni… aku rasa terkesan sgt dengan kejadian ni sebab aku ada kat situ kot masa kejadian tu… (walopon aku tengok dari jauh jer) Ishh ishhh… tak sangka… walopon aku bukan peminat dia, tapi selaku peminat lumba motor nih aku rasa kehilangan seorang pelumba muda (baru 24 tahun) yang sangat berbakat. Kesian… dia baru nak meningkat naik….

My deep and sincere condolences to simoncelli family and friends…

to read more about this incident click here

Friday, October 21, 2011


siap ada kad jemputan~
15 Oktober 2011, finally housewarmig yang dinanti2 tiba juga! dah 3 tahun terpospond niat kami nak buat jamuan makan utk sedara mara and kengkawan. sejak memula pindah dulu memang dah pasang niat tu. tapi tak tebuat2 jugak.

memula tak de kesempatan sbb baru pindah and byk benda belom settle down, pastu aku plak pegi kursus DPA 6 bulan. balik dari kursus tu kami p panjat gunung pulak. pastu aku pregnant and aku alergic bau2 makanan throughout the pregnancy tu (mmg tak larat la nak buat housewarming kan..) lepas bersalin tak de kesempatan gak, masa ler tak de, modal ler tak de... tapi, lepas macam2 cabaran tu akhirnya 15hb ari tu berjaya jugak kami buat housewarming.

elok ler tu... memula dulu kami sewa jer rumah tu, bila dah beli rumah tu baru ada rezeki nak buat housewarming nyerrr... memang sesuai sangat lah! hehe.. nama majlis tu OpenHouseWarming sebab ape tau? sebab housewarming ni disekalikan dengan openhouse sempena raya walopon raya dahh habis. so jadilah dia OpenHouseWarming... suke hati aku lah nak kasik name ape pon kan?? majlis aku! hehehe...

so, menu hari tu ialah nasik tomato dengan ayam masak merah, daging kurma, acar rampai, sayur campur and papedom. selain tu ada bihun singapore, keropok lekor, roti jala, kek lapis sarawak and kek buah kukus... semua tu bukan aku yang masak! hehehe... aku mintak tolong mak cik aku yang buat caterer masak! bihun and kek plak ibu yang masak! aku?? goreng papedom jer... hehehe..

masa hari kejadian tu (perkataan yang selalu sgt aku guna masa kat kolej dulu- hari kejadian) cuaca waktu pagi sampai tgh hari memang cantek. tapi bila dah masuk petang dah start mendung and angin bertiup kencang! sampai kemah yang kitorang pasang runtuh ditiup anginnn.. hahaha! ini bukan cobaan.. ini betol2 kejadiannn.. haha.. rugi hubby tak snap gambar masa tu. ye2 jer bawak camera ke hulu ke hilir, tapi tak amik gambar pon. ye la.. sibuk melayan tetamu kan...

berbalik pada cerita kemah roboh. hahaha.. memang kelakar. seb baek masa tu tak de orang dok bwh tu sbb masa ramai dok dlm rumah sbb dah start hujan... kesian hubby, terpaksa bertungkus lumus betulkan balik. aku dah agak dahhh... memang dah terdetik dlm hati aku yang kejadian ni akan  berlaku sbb keadaan kemah tu memang tak kukuh. kemah tu kami beli kat giant. dah ler cover tak waterproof, pastu tak kukuh plak tu. nyesal aku beli ! huh! masa tu ingat nak sewa jer, tapi kalo sewa semua stok kemah besar2 saiz kemah org kawen. aku nak buat dlm kompaun umah jer, mana muat. so bila decide nak beli terbeli yang hampeh plakkkk... huhu.. tapi tak pe lahh.. yang penting semua dah selamat....

anyway, memang seronok buat makan2 mcm ni. walopon memenatkan tapi puas hati bile dapat jumpe sedara mara and kengkawan especially yang dah lama tak jumpe. terima kasih ek korang yang sudi datang... len kali datang lah lagi. haritu tak puas nak borak-borak~

-lama gak outdated cerita aku kan??

Thursday, October 20, 2011

sakit hati dan manhantan fish market alamanda

gambar hiasan-curik dari google
hari ni sepanjang hari aku dipenuhi dgn sakit hati. sana sini aku sakit hati. then ingat time lunch buleh la aku rehat2 kan minda daripada sakit hati. tapi rupenyer bertambah2 pulak sakit hati aku nih!

gini ceritanya... aku p lunch kat manhantan fish market (tetiba lak tekak ni rasa nak makan fish and chip). so tetau la time lunch cuma sejam ajer. sampai kat kedai tu aku lega sbb tak ramai orang (belom gaji kot..). teori aku kalo tak ramai orang serve mesti lah cepat kan sbb order tak banyak. rupenyer sangkaan aku meleset... lepas amik order setengah jam aku nunggu baru makanan sampai. order fish and chip jer pon... awat lama sgt sampai setengah jam?? padahal aku kira ada dlm 7 meja jer termasuk meja aku yang dierang nak kena layan.

ok fine, makanan kena tunggu stengah jam, ingat aku nak terus cekik jer makanan tuh bila dah sampai. perut pun dah la lapar.. tapi.... fork and spoon/ knife tak de pulakkkk. jenuh aku mintak tapi tak sampai2 jugak. member aku siap bangun nak p amik sendiri tapi benda tu tak de kat tempatnya. tau tak brape lama kitorang tggu utk dpt benda tu? hampir 15 minit! kalo nasik aku mkn jer pakai tangan! ini fish and chip... smpai aku ketuk meja and jerit arr "mana fork and spoon nih?? hilang pertimbangan kejap sbb sakit hati aku yang terkumpul tuh! jarang aku marah2 tak bertempat nih!

. ...then tambah sakit hati lagi dlm makanan aku tu tak de lemon! tempat lain aku makan ada lemon... eeeiii geram aku!  (benda kecik jerr tapi sbb aku dah sakit hati secara terkumpul, big deal jadinya) seb baek la dierang immediately hantar lemon tu...

bengang betol.. terpaksa makan rushing2 sbb time luch dah abis... ingatkan buleh la rilek2 time lunch. take a break jap dari sakit hati, tapi rupenyer time makan pon sakit hati.... haihhhh... balik opis... sambung lagi sakit hati... adoyaiiii.....! cepat berkerut muka aku nih!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the power of BIG BAD WOLF BOOK!

caya tak caya? aku ad hubby yang bukan kaki membaca nih pon buleh borong sampai 10 buah buku! hahaha.. memang power la. harge gile2 punyer murah! kitorang siap nyesal sbb tak pegi masa awal2 book fair ni start. padahal hari2 aku lalu dpn maeps tu time nak p keje! pegi masa last day and tinggal 2 jam nak abis. yang Mr. DJ pulak preasure2 org suruh cpt sbb masa dah nak tamat. bongok! preasure orang yang tgh seronok pilih2 buku yg sgt murah ni. rasa cam nak beli semua! hahaha... well... aku kan suke beli buku, tapi baca belom tentu lagi. hehehe..

hubby carik harry porter series, tapi ade sebijik jer yg tinggal, yang lain dah abis agaknyer. twilight punyer citer pon tinggal new moon jer.. hahaha.. mmg rasa rugi sbb tak p awal2. aku nak carik buku pasal parenting pon tinggl sisa2 jer.. last2 tak beli pon...

ape pon, penuh kotak aku and hubby isi dgn buku, before bayar kitorang sorting2 and finally 10 buah telah dibeli... ye arr.. beli byk2 pon belom tentu baca kannnn... kita mula sikit2 dulu. hubby kata next time kalo ada lagi bad wolf ni kite pegi awal2. tapi syarat nyer buku yg kitorang beli nih dah abis baca semua. hohoh~


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Raheel's first vacation!

since Raheel was born up until he is 10++ months old ayah and bonda never bring him jalan-jalan on a vacation. Asyik2 jln at shopping complex.. asyik2 shopping complex. Sampai raheel dah naik boring! (raheel boring ke? Bonda yang boring?? Hehehe..)

so, on 5th and 6th oct 2011, ayah and bonda brought raheel to Bukit tinggi pahang for his first ever vacation. Hahaha.. satu malam jer stay at colmar tropicale, kira vacation la jugak kan. Actually this was an unplanned trip. Kalo ikutkan kami tengah berpantang dari going for any trip/vacation/ escape/… whatever yang sewaktu dengannya because there’ll be a mega project trip insyallah… but because aku dah sangap coz it’s been so long since our last cuti2 Malaysia (trip to penang when raheel was still in my tummy). Since then, even after Raheel was born we weren’t going anywhere. Well it was not because we have raheel that we cannot move but it was because financial restriction lah because our mega project beli rumah. Habeh semua duit being invested on rumah ku syurgaku itu…

so like I said it was unplanned, hubby was requested to take compulsory leave (tu la… Masa org nak cuti tak bagi, dah nak ujung tahun kena habiskan cuti sesibuk paksa org cuti!) .

 …continue citer, because hubby got leave during weekdays, so I purposely apply leave as well so that I can be at home with hubby (sajer menggedik!). so as we were sitting at home with nothing to do suddenly the feel like going for a trip membuak2 pulak. without thinking any further we made decision to have a trip to colmar Bukit Tinggi because it is near, nice place and most off all sana ada rabbit park for Raheel to play2 with the rabbits! hehehe... (actually bonda dia yang excited lebih nak main rabbit!) 

so, (berapa byk so aku nih?) tak pe lah... so, we really enjoyed our trip there! everything is nice except the not very friendy staff. ini aku akan buat entry lain, review pasal tempat nih...

k... these are some photo from our trip to be shared. pleasant viewing! hehe.. 

nice tiny town

our room!

at the living room

spectacular view from our balcony

taking photo until dusk! 7pm owedi..

dinner time! Raheel eat empty spoon..


Raheel cutest face!

gorgeous view


like at the stair of an old palace

yeayy!! rabbit! rabbit!

. ...and the donkey..

Raheel's first vacation foot wax monument. monument tuhhh! haha..

Raheel's first "pebenda nama benda nih?" ride

Friday, October 7, 2011

mesin jahit oh mesin jahit... finally...

yeahh hehehehe.. finally zaman mengidam aku nak mesin jahit dah berakhir~ tengok previous cerita pasal mesin jahit nih - mesin jahit oh mesin jahit-

well... mengidam no more! i am now the proud owner of my own brand new but old fashioned SINGER sewing machine!!!

mungkin kerana hubby dah tak larat nak dengar aku merengek2 tiap hari nak mesin jahit, maka dia pon bawak aku p kedai singer and support aku 100% utk memiliki mesin jahit yang aku idam2 kan itu. hehehe... walopon aku masih rasa seram2 sejuk takut duit yg aku laburkan utk beli benda tu tersia2 sbb end up aku tak de masa nak jahit menjahit pun, tapi demi memuaskan nasfu aku nak memiliki mesin jahit yg sgt membuak2 ini, aku pejam mata hulur duit kt kedai singer tuh and BoOoMM! aku dpt sebijik mesin jahit yg berat dekat 20kg nih! hahaha!!

old school design, tapi yg ni lah yg paling tahan lama.. tak rosak punyerrr! hehe..

so, bila dah ada mesin jahit nih impian aku nak jahit curtain sendiri buleh la jadik kenyataan. tapi sebelom tu...

Hubby... jom la p shopping kain curtainnnnn!!!!

hahaha!! suke nyer saye dah ada mesin jahit!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Si pandai pencipta alasan yang bodoh

. …. Ape nak jadi?
Ada saja alasannya…
Pandai betul dia cipta alasan
Tak kisah lah ape saja
Asalkan ape yang berlaku dapat dia elakkan

Pandai tu!
Nak mengelak dari tanggung jawab
Nak mengelak dari kena buat benda yang dia malas nak buat
Dia reka macam2 alasan
Pandai saje nak menjawab!

Hoi.. ape nak jadik??
Orang nasihat tak mau dengar
Ada saja alasan
Terang-terang itu kau punya tanggungjawab
Tapi pandai kau cipta alasan
Untuk kata itu orang lain punya kerja

Penat orang bercakap
Kau elak dengan alasan
Kalau orang perli kau tak paham
Siap boleh iya kan!
Otak kau lembab agaknya….
Tak tau perli tu untuk batang hidung kau!

Tapi aku yakin
Kalo kau paham pun
Kau tetap akan cipta alasan
Untuk pastikan orang lain yang nampak bersalah
Atau untuk elak diri kau dari rasa bersalah?
Err.. kau ada sedar ke kau salah?

yang kau tahu
Tunding jari sana… tunding jari sini
kemudian bagi macam-macam alasan
Kau saja yang betul
hakikatnya jelas terang dan nyata
memang kau yang tak betul

Kau memang pandai!!
Pandai sungguh cipta alasan
Supaya kau dapat bolehkan perangai kau yang buruk tu
Supaya kau dapat elak daripada buat benda yang kau tak mahu
supaya kau boleh capai semua hajat
Supaya kau boleh terus jadi pemalas!!

Sayang… akal kau panjang
Tapi kau cuma pandai guna untuk cipta alasan
Hidup kau semata-mata berlandaskan alasan
Sedarlah wahai manusia pemalas yang bodoh!

topi ni memang sesuai utk orang macam kau

nukilan luahan rasa,

Monday, October 3, 2011

mesin jahit oh mesin jahit!

dah lama dah... dah lama sangat rasanya aku mengidam nak ada mesin jahit. aku nak jahit baju sendiri! (chehh.. macam la pandai!) hahaha... tu yok ooo ajerr... tapi yg benar dan sebenar2nya aku nak jahit curtain utk umah aku nih. yeahhh.. curtain! aku yakin dan pasti aku pandai jahit. bukan susah pon... jahit square2 ajer.. letak ropol2 sikit sudahhh... kan??

semangat aku jadik lebih2 lagi membara bila baru2 ni aku p riki2 curtain yg ready made nih kat kedai. mak aihhh harge bagai nak runtuh jantung aku tgk. design simple nak mammp...(yg aku rasa aku pon boley buat - lg skali rasa diri ni teror) hehehe.. tapi harga dah kategori setengah ribu!  cam ni aku pon nak buat bisness curtain!! hehehe...

nak mesin jahit! nak mesin jahit!! aku nak bukak bisness curtain! actually anytime jerr aku buleh beli, dah tgk dah kat singer, harga lagi murah dari se...(ape ek? helai ke? pasang ke? sebuah curtain?) se... 'apentah penjodoh bilangan' curtain. . aku beli mesin pastu aku buleh jahit banyak2 curtain! hahaha...

tapi apekah yg menyebabkan aku dok mengidam tapi tak beli2 lagi mesin jahit itu?? yeahhh... soalan hubby "mummy ada masa ke nak jahit menjahit ni?? dgn keje lagi... dgn anak lagi... " tettttt.... ye tak ye gak! skrg ni pon aku asyik2 rasa bizi ngn activity sedia ada, ni pulak nak jahit curtain bagai... hahahah!! so sampai skrg aku masih terfikir ada masa ke?? berbaloi ke aku beli mesin jahit kalo at the end curtain nyer tak terjahit2 jugak and end up aku beli jugak yg ready made tu...

so, kesimpulannya kau kena kuatkan semangat dan keazaman yang aku akan betul2 guna mesin jahit tu kalo aku dah beli nanti. aku kena janji pada mesin jahit tu yg dia tak akan jadik penghuni tetap stor semata2.... tapi... cukup kuat kah keazaman ku itu? hahaha... tu yg aku tak berani nak jamin. tu jugak lah yang aku tak beli2 mesin jahit tu sampai sekarang ni....

oh mesin jahit... gambar curik kat google yerr...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

masuk bakul angkat sendiri....

. ...hahahaha... ini bukan masuk bakul angkat sendiri la... ini masuk bakul ayah angkat kan...

Raheel tolong ayah sidai baju kan... bila dah siap ayah bawak raheel round2 dalam rumah naik bakul... raheel pon ape lagi?? enjoy the ride la!!!! hehehe...


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