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Friday, July 6, 2012

anniversary @ Grand Lexis Port Dickson

Aku nak Sambung cerita pasal 17th May… hahaha.. I don’t care even if now is already july, aku nak cerita jugak! As I wrote on my previous entry about our 4th wedding anniversary ::HERE::
We always celebrate our anniversary on a vacation kan. As I promised, here are the stori mori at the grand lexis… there are 2 sides of stori. One the bad one, and another a good one.

Let start with the not so best to hear:

Few weeks before nak pegi, I have already called for reservation. Thank god, bilik memang banyak lagi because it wasn’t peak season. Sape jer nak check in on Thursday non school holiday pulak tu kan? So I reserve a room and in order to secure a room kita kena provide credit card details sampai cvv code belakang tu pon kita nak kena tulis kat form and fax to them. I don’t really agree on this, rasa concern and tak secure nak provide those information to them. So I paid cash instead. Payment thru cimbclicks jerr….

Before that, I have to wait for them to email the booking confirmation form. I expect them to email it immediately after our phone conversation (like always based on my previous experience with other hotels) , tapi rupenyer I have to wait 24hours for that. Siap aku kena call back sbb dah tunggu punya tunggu tak sampai2, dia pon tak mention to emel within 24 hours… so meaning to say reservation dia agak lembab la… and call pon sikit punya susah nak get thru… not so 5 star la… pas tu pulak, when they finally send the confirmation letter, they asked me to settle it immediately. Imagine ye, I received the emel on 30th April at 4.22pm and they mention on the emel “Kindly find the attachment for your reference. Please sign on the confirmation letter and send it back to us by 30th April 2012” mane sempat! Ko hengat keje aku ni ngadap benda alah ni aje?? So I have to call back and ask about the validity of the form if I were to sign it on 2nd May. Sbb 1st may kan public holiday… seb baek buleh… kalo tak aku nak kena tunggu another 24 hours plak kan for another confirmation letter!

So on 2nd May aku settle kan bayaran. And then pulak I requested for special arrangement since this is our anniversary vacation and I planed to astonish hubby with extended birthday surprise, during the phone reservation I’ve mention about it and the representative ask me to communicate through emel about this matter. So, I did as she says. I explain details about my plan and about what I need them to do. And on 3rd May dia reply will check and advise you accordingly. So I assumed they are working on my request tu la. So I waited for a solid week, and no response… kalo tak boleh, just reply and tell me that they are not able to fulfill my request, habis cerita kan! Ini tak reply2… ingat aku ni byk sgt masa nak follow up2… and I wasn’t request for their service for free pon! Sebab semangat nak surprise kan hubby I shoot another emel to them asking about my request. It was already 14th May only 3 days away from my check in date. Then they called me and explain itu.. ini… end up most of the arrangement buleh dibuat but there is one yang memang dah tak sempat nak buat, yang paling surprise plak tuh! Tulah! Korang lambat sgt respond! Tapi tak pelahh… birthday hubby pon aku dah celebtare kaw2 punya…

Summary: reservation grand lexis, slow and not efficient! Doesn’t reflects 5 star hotel status!

Now the best side:

Hotel dia memang superb! Ambiance memang relaxing and best! Best! Best! reception service pon bagus and friendly sgt. After checking in, we were brought to our room by buggy. Note that the room is quite far from the reception area.

I booked for a deluxe pool villa above water with glass panelled floor. Ini yang jadi favourite Raheel. Sibuk tengok fish (macam ada la kan..) hihi..

Once the door was open, jeng jeng jengg…. A birthday cake was waiting for hubby! Black forest cake yang sedap! Cuma not so presentable because they left the cake in the box. I expect the cake to be put on the table with lighted candle… hehe.. tapi ok laa.. after settle down then only we proceed to upacara memotong kek birthday hubby.

Let’s talk about the room. When I book for a room, the staff told me that deluxe room is quite small. But actually it isn’t that small… ok lah for our family yang bertiga je ni… bilik siap ada kitchen and spacious bathroom. And the best part is of course la the swimming pool. Cuma swimming pool agak kecik la… sekadar boleh sekali kuak dah sampai hujung… but ok lah… nice! Maybe if we go for a bigger room such as executive pool ke, then the swimming pool will be bigger. Tapi bigger room comes with 2 or 3 beds. Nak buat hape banyak2 bed?? The only room with 1 queen size bed is deluxe room..

Room interior nice and simple, Cuma aircond agak kurang sejuk. Usually hotel room kan sejuk tahap beku, but for this one ada sikit warm but comfortable la. Tido tak yah pon nak pakai selimut tebal tu…

Petang tu kami round2 around the villa area. Hwmmm… cantikkk… but if the sea is crystal bule lagi cantik! Tau2 je lah air kat port Dickson tu kan coklat keruhh.. hihi.. time nil ah aku nak terbayang kalau lah skrang ni kita kat Maldives… tak pon sekurang2nyer kat mabul island ke… huhu… best tuuuuuu!!

Hehe.. at night, dinner yang ditunggu2… candle light! Walopon ada Raheel si budak tasyebok, but we really enjoy our anniversary dinner. Dengan setting yang sungguh romantika tu… hihi.. rasa bahagia sungguh! The food also very nice! Nampak portion nya sgt kecik tapi kenyang tuhhhh..! nyum.. nyum…

Most of the time kat sana we spend by berendam dalam swimming pool. Tak cukup dengan pool dlm bilik, pool kat luar pon rendam jugak! The part yang buat aku excited is the water slides for kids tu. Tapi bonda jer yang excited lebih2, Raheel tak suke pon nak main dlm air tu… sibuk nak berkepit with bonda!

Anyway, paling best main air is time Raheel tido lah! Hihih… time ni lah his parents nak bermaharajalela! Hehehe.. kate swimming pool dalam bilik.. dah tengah malam pon kami bantai berendam lagi! Wahhh sungguh enjoy!!! The next day before balik pon sempat lagi main air! And I request extended checkout just so that kami bleh berendam lama2… hihih..

so, bila checkout time dah tiba, terpaksalah kami checkout…. Bye2 grand lexis!!!! Sweet memories we have with you! Hotel ni memang recommended lah for couple to have romantic getaway… serius! Best!!

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