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Monday, April 29, 2013

New Department~ finally...

14 Jan 2013 is the date when I received the news. Kak ida, my boss PA called and say congratulations to me. Huh suspense  btol, aku dpt surat pemangkuan 44 ke? Tak kan lah kotttt…. Bebudak batch aku tak kabow pon…. Then kak ida kate “puan nurul mesti jelous…” nurul is my colleague in Unit P. huh??? Aku dapat surat tukar ke??? Without wasting another second aku hang up the phone and ran to kak ida’s work station. And yeahhhhh!! I got the surat tukar. This was so unexpected!! I’ve lost all hope after heard the rumors on how the management fought for me to be remained in my current unit during the replacement meeting, and thay have strong justification to keep me coz i am involved in ministry restructuring… 

Alhamdulillah…. Is all I can say... Finally I got the chance to learn something new, something other than reorganization. I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years and got tepu already. Same goes to aini, dia lagi lama. Tapi I got the chance first. Cian aini… sabo lah yer… your time will eventually come and when the time comes the management won’t have the power to stop you. Hehehe…

Actually I’ve applied for job rotation once in 2011 and my boss simply says that he won’t peraku it to be brought in the meeting for approval. However aku isi gak so that there will be record yang aku pernah apply. And for 2012 aku dah tak isi coz malas and I know it’ll be for nothing coz chances for me to get a transfer memang very2 low because our department is in critical curve where we need to settle the ministry restructuring in 2013, one of aims in PPPM (Pelan pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia) and I was one of the key persons for the restructuring.

Ministry policy memang nak move officers yang dah 5 years and above in the same unit/ cawangan, my name memang on the list lah, but I heard that the management mati2 nak aku stay because of the PPPM. Nasib baik lah one of the top management members bertegas and stick to the policy. That’s what I heard lah… yang sebenar jadi tak tau lah kan… tapi whatever it is, dah memamg rezeki aku nak dapat tukar ke tempat baru on 2013. Haha.. sungguh gembiranya!!!! Walaupon pada mulanya my heart was pounding very hard when I saw the new department was PEMBANGUNAN. Glup! People says it is mad house…  takut nyerrr… tapi if we are afraid to explore we will end up nowhere… so redah jer lahhhhh…

My letter stated 16 Januari 2013 as the date of effective, tapi aku tangguh until 6 Feb 2013 to finish up my work in BPSM and to celebrate my birthday before mula keje kat tempat baru.. Now it’s been more than 2 months in my new department. All I can say is I enjoy the new challenge in this new field of work. There are a lot to learn because everything is very new to me. Hectic and challenging but I enjoy it so much!!

Alhamdulillah... dapat jugak tukar.... and bertukar pulak kat tempat paling heaven dalam mad house ni... (member aku kate la... unit aku ni tempat paling heaven dlm hell..) haha... 

menang best but there are times yang memang tak best! haha.. that's normal lah kan. anyway, kerja kat department mane or ministry mane pon bagi aku sama jer....  tetap penjawat awam "saya yang menurut perintah" 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Mega project 2012 - home sweet home renovation

as usual, ini entry yg patutnya dah lama aku post tapi tak siap2... hihi..

Alhamdulillah... I think that's the best way for me to start this entry. Since we bought this house a year ago, we already started pasang angan2 that one day kami akan renovate this house. And yeah.. End of last year we have some extra money and we decided to use that money to renovate our car porch. That was the rainbow that came out of our canceled trip to amsterdam. Haha.. If u all noticed, i have mentioned about our plan to visit amsterdam in a few entries before. Yeah after many2 consideration we cancel the plan -check the story here-

Haha.. Bagus gak kan? If we go to amsterdam we surely get experience, when we tak pegi, we got our house renovated. Either way pon best!

So we started looking for contractors and get quotations for the constructions work. Cari punyer carik none of them giving reasonable price. The work wasn't that major but their price laid between 30k to 40k. Gilerrr... That is the starting price. Kalo buat renovation ni tau2 je lah... Later on mesti ada nak tambah itu ini.. Uhh cannot afford la ini macam..

at the begining tu rasa dah nak give up. may be we cannot afford to renovate our house yet. then i suggested hubby to ask our neighbour next door. he is a designer and just renovate his house. may be he knows contractors yang boleh provide reasonable price. so hubby pon asked him and immidiately he started sketching the design based on our requirement. Siap bagi macam2 suggestion and pro and conts. Maklumlah dia kan designer and he knows best. Then dia kira2 a bit and gave us approximate pricing and most importantly, the price that we can afford! And most most importantnye urusan dengan Majlis Perbandaran dia settlekan sekali… hahaha… tak yah nak susah payah.

Yeahhh.. so excited and we started to plan on when and how the project will begin and the payment structure. We decied to start the project on 1 Nov 2011 after we came back from our Guilin trip. Tak best lah tinggalkan rumah masa tangah construction kan…

According to our neighbour the project will take about 3-6 weeks to complete depending on the weather. After letak deposit we expect the work will start immediately but after a week satu barang pon tak sampai lagi. Hahaha.. I started panic dah kot2 kena tipu coz the deposit paid based on trust and no agreement ke hape. Tapi hubby cool, neighbour sebelah rumah kot takkan lahhh…. Tapi aku panic gak, kalo seribu dua tak pe lah. Ini seploh ribu kottttt!! Haha.. actually kelewatan tu dah diexpect dari awal based on his own house project yang amik masa sgt lama untuk siap. So hubby suh aku sabar dulu.

Nasib baik lah our neighbour ni full of courtesy. Dia siap dtg umah and apologize and explain why the project hasn’t been started. Upenyer kontraktor dia tgh buat finishing kat tempat lain and project delay coz asyik2 ujan and tak dpt buat keje. Dierang nak siapkan sana then baru start buat umah kami. Owhhhhh… Masa tu pon musim ujan… so kami paham lah….

The following week barang2 started sampai and tong sampah empat segi yang besar pon dah terpampang depan umah. Hahaha.. yeahhh… the real project has started. And our live begun to be temporary miserable coz bising, habuk dan kekotoran due to construction depan umah sendiri. Tapi tak pe lah kannn… at the end it all worth it!

So, project started on middle of November 2012 and fully completed on 1 Jan 2013. Sekali dengan tolong cucikan lagi! Memang first class lah. TQ so much! Total cost was about 28K after tambah water filter, itu dan ini… daripada 1st quoted price 22K lebih, Haha.. tu lah, byk sgt nak tambah2.. seb baek neighbour aku ni tak layan sgt permintaan aku. Haha… kalo tak mau lari budget.

Hehehe… Alhamdulillah… new year… new garage.. buleh la Raheel main lari2 depan umah… 

this is how it looks before

during first few weeks of construction

almost there... tu tumpang post box kat umah sebelah..

dah ada tiang utk gate...

and TARAAAA!!  final product!


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