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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Round2 Sentosa Island Singapore..

 It was on June 2013, finally after few times kuar masuk Singapore we get the chance to pay a visit to Sentosa Island.

We went to Singapore to celebrate our cousin’s wedding and we extend our stay just for Sentosa Island!

Credit to hubby’s cousin- Mira the tourist guide!! Without her it will be challenging for us to get to and getting around the island. Mira guide us on how to get to the island with the most enjoying and cost effective way! Hehehe.. jimat2… dah la tourist guide fee tak yah bayar!

I wish to write about our journey on detail so that it can be guidance to other people that would like to visit Sentosa Island, but I’ve lost my memory on that. Hehehe.. so basically what’s left on my mind is that it was a tiring yet fun and exciting trip!

We get to the island by walking along the boardwalk with only $1 entry fee per person. I still remember during that time haze was about to attack Southeast Asia… the environment was all greyish… tapi the air pollution index still not at hazardous level la.. hehe.. sib baik kami awal sikit…

At the island we visited the universal studio (just the globe), hardrock hotel (just passing by), Merlion (without going in) and we visited the beach! Hahaha.. beach lah sangat… macam bedek punya beach.. hihi.. 

Basically we were just round2 the island on the surface. Next time we will definitely come again to really enjoy the island especially the hard rock hotel and the universal studio! Yeahhhh!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

horrific flying experience

If my flying to Bali experience was awesome (read it here), it was a different story for my flying back home experience… it started with delayed of the flight. The departure time was supposedly on 4.05pm but was postponed due to bad weather. Yup, it was raining at that time. But another airlines elok jer landed without any problem. Only our flight je yang delayed. It was delayed for 3 hours. Being told that the pilot had to land in Surabaya airport then back to bali when the weather is passable. 

It was the longest flight delay that I’ve ever experienced. Luckily they provide some refreshment to keep us cool, otherwise bila perut lapar mau ade yang mengamuk! Hoho… 

At 7.00pm finally we were allowed to embark. Ambiance in the cabin was warm. Very warm hat it make us sweat. Hwmm… while passengers taking their seats during preparation for the departure, suddenly the airplane lights blackout and the engine shutdown. Huhh? Terkejut! Dah la panas… what’s wrong?? Then they tried many times to restart the engine. Many many times… after the engine is on for few seconds it turn off again… it happen several times. It seriously was bothering me. And I am sure it wasn’t only me. All the other passengers also seem worried about the situation. One of them stands up and asked the flight attendant about the condition of the airplane. I overheard she explained it is because the lack of energy from the ground to ignite the engine. What the…?? Hwmm.. Whatever it is it still makes me worry.

I was very very worried that I feel like abandoning the airplane and buy another ticket to fly back home. I started visualizing the Final Destinations movie where the airplane crash and they all die. Ye lah… dah la delayed, cabin panas, pastu engine on off pulak, pastu ada baby in the plane nangis punya kuat (panas lah tu..), environment masa tu memang disturbing. There must be something wrong with the airplane. What if it fails during departing? What if the power shuts down and engines turn off at 40000ft in the air?? What if it blows? What if?? What if?? It was 3 hours journey tau… and what if I die?? What if my hubby dies?? What if we both die?? Kesiannyer Raheel… time tu terbayang muka dia and rasa nak nangis dah! Haha.. Fortunately hubby kept his cool and calms me down. Hihihi… tu lah.. kurang knowledge about airplane, tu yang panic tak tentu pasal tu… hehehe…

Anyway, we safely departed from Ngurah Rai Airport and safely landed in KLIA… although during the 3 hours flight we went through few times of air turbulence. Luckily the flight attendants were very friendly, kind and helpful. Macam tetau je aku ni tgh nervous sampai tertumpahkan air! Hehehe.. hoh sekotak tisu dia bagi kt aku. Pastu kacang selonggok, coklat kit kat lagi bebanyak… hihihi… then siap boleh sembang2… MH is Malaysian Hospitality… 

No matter what, I was so glad when the airplane touched the ground though the landing wasn’t very smooth. I guess the pilot is still new with boeing 777 and lack of experience on handling that huge bird… anyhow… thank god we are safe to have many more flying experience… and hope for the good ones, and no more horrifying one… enough la… hihi..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Honeymoon the Return (5th anniv) - Bali

Hard rock hotel… hard rock hotel… hahaha.. bukan heart break hotel ye.. tapi hard rock hotel.. hihih… yeahh! That’s where we stayed for our honeymoon in Bali on 12 May- 14 May 2013. Boleh kate the best hotel we have ever stayed lah… thank you hubby for choosing (paying for) that hotel! Memang rock!

Our 3 days 2 nights ‘honeymoon the return in Bali’ was amazing! And because this is our 2nd time to Bali, we self arrange our trip. We weren’t using travel agency service that provide packages as usual. We made our own package! Hahaha.. hotel and all activities are made by online booking.

Basically this is our own arrangement: 
Bali Honeymoon Itinerary
12 May 2013
12.05 pm – Depart from KLIA
3.00 pm – Arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport
3.30 pm – arrive at hotel by taxi – check in
4.30 pm – Jalan-Jalan at Kuta Town

13 May 2013
6.45 am - Breakfast
7.15 am – Depart to Benoa Harbour
8.45 am – Boarding for Lembongan Island Beach Club Cruise
9.15 am – Departs from Harbour
2.45 p m – Boarding from beach
3.15 pm – Departs from pontoon
4.15pm – Arrive at harbour
5.15 pm – Arrive at Hotel
5.30 pm – rest and relax at hotel
7.30 pm – Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe
10.00 pm - live band

14 May 2013
7.00 am – Breakfast
7.30 am – Depart to Bali Green Spa
8.00 am – Spa Treatment
10.15am – Depart to Hotel
10.30am - explore hotel
1.00 pm – check out
1.15 pm – Depart to Airport
1.30 pm – Arrive at Airport
4.00 pm – Depart from Airport
7.05 pm – Arrive at KLIA

For our hard rock Hotel we book through Agoda, for Lembongan Island beach club Hai Cruise we book from and for our spa we booked at Bali Green Spa. It was very very easy to Self arranged trip to Bali as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Everything is available online!

We departed from KLIA at 12.05pm and arrive at 3.05pm. From the airport we took a taxi. Fare is 45,000IDR around RM15 lah… ok lah kan… but make sure you buy the ticket at the counter. Kalo idak mau kena titik bayor lebih! Hehe..

After about about 20 minutes journey we arrived at Kuta area. Hardrock hotel located just in front of the Kuta Beach. For every vehicle that entering the hotel area, they must undergo a security check. Bukak boot, bukak bonet, siap check bawah2 kreta tu lagi… the taxi driver told us they are looking for bomb. What??!!! Uhhh gerunnyer aku… huhuhu… Bali was once attacked by terrorist long time ago and Kuta is a hot spot for the attack … so they took serious precautions towards the tourist safety… hwmm bagus lah… I feel secured stay in the hotel because it was guarded 24hrs and only guests are allowed to be in the area. 

Out from the taxi we were greeted with a huge welcome! Yeahh... I like! At the reception, I presented the Agoda slip and requested for a room with nice view. We get just what we asked, view from our room is superb! Facing the beautiful landscape, quiet during the day but happening at night because we can enjoy live band music from our room balcony. Upon check in we received a welcome drink, discounts coupon for Hard Rock merchant, spa and other various services. The best part is we get complimentary photography session. That one I will not miss lah… definitely! Hihihi… so, we make an arrangement with the hotel for that session on our 2nd day.. the result? jumping photo! check it here in this entry.

After settle down and have some rest, we proceed with our first activity which is exploring the Kuta area and hunt for food. Hubby suggested for McDonalds as it is the most trusted food to eat because it has certified by Majlis Ulama Indonesia, but I want to try Indonesian food. So we walked along the Kuta road but there is no nasi padang restaurant or anything similar in the area. Then we find the Beach Walk Complex. Aha.. maybe there is food court inside. So we explore that huge shopping mall and finally find the food court.  Macam2 adaaa…. Penang char kuey tiaw pon ada-tapi non halal ok.. 

We walk around the food court to survey our dinner. And my eyes catch a glimpse at the words Nasi Campur.. my heart said “nyumm, Indonesian food!” but when I read further it stated “Nasi Campur & Babi Guling” ohh noOoo! Punah harapan.. hahhaa.. What do u expect kan? This is not Malaysia where all meal sells in food court are Halal… hwmm.. so we keep looking and finally find a stall that sells Indian food and have the halal sign. Hwmmm boley la… walopon kesucian tempat tu diragui, at least there is halal sign. Indonesian food lah sangat kan?? Huhu.. 

Food there is expensive ok… we ordered lamb briyani with lassy and tandori chiken naan with chai tea, bill is around RM60…. Hahhaa… amek kau! Luckily the food is not bad at all. Kenyang perut… Alhamdulillah….

After dinner, we loiter around the shopping mall. For me there is nothing special there, just like any other shopping complexes… so we decided to go back to our hotel to rest for tomorrow we have to wake up early for our cruise trip!

13 May 2013
Early morning wake up! After breakfast ala vegetarian, (don’t dare to consume food that contain meat) we waited at the lobby for pick up to Benoa harbor for the Lembongan Island beach club cruise. 

At the beach club we ride the banana boat and swim in the swimming pool. I don’t dare kayaking or swimming in the sea because the wave is extremely strong as we reach there during the high tides. We only we walk along the beach after the water level going low in the evening.

About the food for lunch, telan jer lah mane yang confirm tak haram walopon kesuciannye diragui…. They served BBQ lunch, several of food including pork lah of course. Glup! Next time datang bawak bekal ye… Huhu..

Anyway, overall, two thumbs up for Lembongan Island Beach Club Hai Cruise! We pay USD 86/person, total USD172 for the trip = RM550++, quite pricey but worth it. The journey was amazing! Cuma the wave was too huge and make me sea sick. Tapi kejap jer.. and it was part of the adventure, not interrupting the fun and excitement at all.. 

We reached our hotel around 5.00pm. After rest and freshen up, we went out for souvenir hunting. We stop by Hard Rock CafĂ© to look at the menu. Hwmm… we doubt it... and we decided not to have dinner there… so we proceed with our souvenir hunting until we feel that we can no longer walk! lenguh!! Hahaha… Then we stop by McDolands and tapau for dinner back in our room. After dinner we thought to watch live band at the centre stage but we are too tired that we end up watching it in our room, live on TV. Hwmm lagi best!

14 May 2013
Our last day and it’s our spa day! After breakfast we waited at the lobby for pick up to the spa. Purposely set spa on our last day. After tiring exciting days of activities we conclude it with spa treatment, Ohh how nice... hehe... 

Bali Green Spa… the front part of the spa is not that impressive but the back yard…. Perghhhh!! Who expect that there is a mini bali country yard behind that building?? We were warmly greeted and served with orange refreshing drink and cold towel while waited for them to prepare a gazebo for us. Actually you can choose either to do the treatment in a room or in gazebo. And we choose it to be in gazebo lah of course… then we choose the scrub, lavender for hubby and coffee for me… 

one happy customer.. the spa surrounding

We took the 2 hours spa that include aromatic foot bath, Balinese massage, foot massage and body scrub. We only pay USD50 for 2 persons. Very reasonable and I think that it is very cheap for the satisfied service and quality of treatment. 2 thumbs up!!

After refreshing hours in spa, we back to our hotel. I requested for late check out and they extended it to 1pm. Hwmm… We only have little time to spare in the hotel for taking picture… we don’t even have time to swim in their huge swimming pool.. ishhh rugi. But it’s ok. It will be the reason for us to come again! Just to enjoy the swimming pool. Hehe..

We check out and took hotel transport to airport, 75,000IDR and we pay 100,000 IDR including tip for the driver = RM30++. On the way we drop by a souvenir shop for last minute shopping. It is called Krisna Ole ole khas bali. I think it’s the best place to buy souvenir… then we proceed to airport…. and get ready to leave Bali and make plan to come again someday. Hehhee.. belum balik dah rasa nak datang lagi… that how good Bali is!

At the airport, we waited for boarding time and unfortunately our flight delayed for 3 hours. And I had the most horrific flying experience! I will tell in my next entry… tungguuu… hehehe..

so, jom Bali!!!!

*more photo in my FB..


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