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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A'famosa Resort- Birthday vacation & Raheel's first water activity

On 4th Feb 2012 my family and one of my brother’s family went for a short break at A’famosa Resort. We stayed a night at D’savoy Condotel, a 2 bedroom condo, nice and spacious condo with a very nice view.
On morning of 4th Feb (my birthday, hehe) we head to the resort water park. We had a blast with the slides and I was so excited because this is Raheel’s first experience playing in the water and I can say that Raheel doesn’t really like being in the water, he enjoyed it but didn’t really love it. I guess it is because he is high altitude boy. Budak gunung la mcm ayah and bonda dia.. hehe..

muka cuak Raheel dlm air

After a tiring day swimming in the pool, we headed to the resort condotel. It’s a very nice 2 bedroom apartment, with a spacious living room and a kitchen. Plus, the views from our condo balconies are magnificent! (there are 2 boaconies… hebat kan?) Worth the money we paid for the accommodation (RM388/ night). The only drawback is they didn’t provide kitchen utensils mcm pinggan mangkuk, sudu garfu. Tau lah cooking is not allowed, tapi at least sediakan lah pinggan manggkuk tu…

at front balcony... angin sgt kuat!

At night we went to cowboy town! Enterance ticket punyalah mahal! But there’s nothing much to see beside red Indian, live animal and little firework show… other than that, we also watch 4D movie which I think was just ok… and there are other games but they are something similar with what we can get at a common funfair and plus we need to pay for the token to play. After enjoying the carnival, we went back to our hotel and have a good rest!

Cowboy town! byk tanglung sbb theme chinese new year
The next morning we went for breakfast at the restaurant that was quite far from our hotel. And because breakfast venue is centralized for the entire resort residents, it gets over crowded. Not enough food and not enough seats, very noisy and inconvenient. We really were not enjoying our breakfast.
After the not so good breakfast we packing up and ready for check out! Then we went to animal safari.We ride a caged tram and watch free animal (nak naik tram ni pon kena Q sikit punya lama!). Funny la pulak. Macam binatang2 tu yg tgk kita dok dlm cage. Slalu depa yg dok dlm cage! Haha.. after that we watch cowboy show, bird show, elephant show and multi animal show. Then we went to monkey island! Overall animal safari ni memang best!

duduk dlm sangkar!
Late on the evening we leave the resort. Bye bye a’famosa resort… summary: A’famosa Resort was quite a nice resort but vacation there is quite costly. Besides accommodation, we need to pay for parking fee, and high entrance fee for each park. I give 2 out of 5. rendah kan rating tu? basically it is because of the high fee but not so well maintained facilities, landscape and servcie provided in the resort. rasa not worth paying that much (except for the hotel)

Before heading home, we stop by Bandar Melaka! My sister-in-law mengidam nak naik river cruise… after queuing for more than one hour finally we get to ride the boat and enjoy night scenery along the river. It was fun!
After the very tiring long long day we head home with a sweet sweet memories…!! What a birthday! Hehehe…

lamanyer baru entry ni siap and berjaya di publish...

Monday, May 21, 2012

as 17th May approaching...

.'s our 4th wedding anniversary...

We always celebrate this occasion with a vacation and since last year we weren’t able to go anywhere (sengkek sbb duit dah invest untuk beli rumah), this year we were over excited planned for an anniversary vacation. 
First planed was to go to Amsterdam on april to see tulip in kukenhof. Kira early celebration lah. Tahun ni ade rezeki lebih sket so bleh la plan lebih sket jugak. But we have to cancel it because considering Raheel yang masih kecik and banyak ragam. Takut dah spend byk2 tapi tak enjoy to the max. 
So, instead of going abroad hubby suggest we go domestic jer, so we decided to go penang! Stay 2 night at hardrock hotel. A very nice place where we can access swimming pool from our room. Sadly itu pon kena cancel because suddenly hubby had to go for a team building. Damn! I was so devastated and rasa nak bakar je bank islam tu! Byk2 hari kenape pilih weekend 19-20 may tuh? Tapi kita merancang, Allah menentukan and I belive there is always rainbow after the rain. (cewah… padahal hubby yang pujuk, kalo tak memang aku dah cancel kan semua) nak ikut perasaan, biar tak yah celebrate. Baru bank islam puas hati kann??? Hahhaa… itu pemikiran cetek aku masa tgh frust.  
Because of the unpleasant unexpected thing we have to restructure our vacation planning. Instead of staying for 2 nights, we have to cut it to just one night and instead of going nunn jauh ke utara, we find a place that is near to our home. So I booked a room at port Dickson Grand Lexis, with private swimming pool in the room kira the closet I can get to hardrock hotel in penang la… story mori at the hotel later I tell ya…  
Ok, after all the plan has set, then we just wait for 17th May to come. 2 days before that as I was still at the office hubby called and told me that he is now at alamanda and asked me to meet him there after work. Eh? Pelik, tetiba plak hubby ada kat alamanda, apehal pulak? Right after work I met him there and he brought me to a kedai jam. Ehh?? Guess what? He wanted to buy me a watch for our wedding anniversary gift! Wahhhhhh… hubby already picked the design, he just needed me to choose the colour, and get the right measurement for my hand. I was so overwhelm!! Suke sgt! Suke sgt!!! Thank you hubby!  
Not only that, the next day, masa aku tgh bizi2 kat office, suddenly a bouquet of roses was delivered to me! Wahhhh.. wahhhhh!!! Ini betul2 surprise! Look like hubby pay his revenge ni masa kena surprise kaw kaw during his birthday!
What an amaaazing start for an anniversary celebration! 
Thank you so very much hubby!!! May happiness be with us until eternity!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hubby's 30th birthday

11th May! Happy birthaday hubby…

This year I was so looking forward for May coz macam2 planning kami dah buat. And one of it was birthday surprise for hubby (but this one I planned all by myself lah without hubby knowing) nama pon surprise kannnnn… berminggu2 aku perah otak on how to make his 30th birthday special and finally when the day has come everything went smoothly. Hehehe…

Kebetulan on 10th May hubby abis keje pukul 11pm and usually he’ll reach home approximately an hour after that. Mmg cantekk arrr aku nak surprise dia!

After work aku pon p alamanda carik barang. Siap tipu hubby lagi kate p jogging. Yeahh, jogging kat alamanda! Hehehe.. sori hubby! Tipu sunat tu…

So around 10pm after Raheel tido aku pon memulakan projek. Taraaa… nil ah dia setting utk birthday party hubby...

When all set, aku pon anxiously wait for hubby to arrive… dekat2 nak 12 midnight hubby sampai and I wait behind the door dengan pizza siap lilin lagi! Ahaha.. I switch cake to pizza sbb tak lalu la nak mkn kek memalam buta tuhhh… lagi pon hubby blk keje mesti arr perut lapaq kan!

So, when hubby open the door, dia disambut dengan birthday song! Hahhaa.. his surprise expression was priceless! Suke aku! Then bila dia tengok setting yg aku decorate tuh lagi lahhhhh. Surprise!! Ehehehe… and kami pon melantak pizza tu sampai abis….

The next morning as both of us have applied for leave I sent Raheel to Opah’s and off we go to watch a movie. It was hubby’s request to watch Avengers on his birthday. So I bought him movie ticket as a birthday treat! Not an ordinary movie ticket, it was gold class one! It was another surprise.

I told hubby I’ve already booked ticket to watch avengers at midvelly. When we arrive at midvelly, I suggest us to go to the gardens to see what’s interesting for lunch. Konon2 nya nak grab a lunch before movie la, padahal masa tu dah lambat dah, logically memang tak sempat nak lunch. Tapi hubby tak bantah pon. Dia tau his wife lain macam bila lapar! Haha… at the gardens instead of pegi carik tempat makan, aku bwk hubby pegi GSC signature. Sampai kat entrance I told hubby tak jadi lah lunch, kita tgk movie terus lah! Hahaha… again hubby was surprised.

We really2 enjoy watching movie at GSC Signature tu. Seat dia incredibly comfortable! With small pillow and blanket, aku dah tahap mcm baring kat umah! Service pulak mmg tip top lah! Hehehe.. rasa mcm VIP! Above all that yg penting hubby suke! 


After movie we had a nice lunch at garden restaurant. Then we head home.. I was glad that hubby really enjoy his day and it was a memorable one for him! I LOVE YOU HUBBY GOBEE!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dah ada RASA!!!!

oppss, kalo tak paham sebelum terus baca refer entry sebelum ni ye..

RASA dah bukak!!! Yeayy!! Penantian yang menyeksakan selama lebh kurang 3 bulan berakhir jua… RASA alamanda dah kembali dgn wajah lebih ceria! Horeyyyy!! Lepas ni dah tak yah susah hati time lunch nak makan kat mane. RASA kan adaaa….

Kedai semua maintain tapi byk rebrand nama baru. Ada few jer yang dah tak de and ganti dengan kedai baru spt kedai asam pedas, ada portugise grill, and ada desert yang best! Hahhaha.. tak nak promote lebih2 lah nanti korang sumer p sana penuh pulak sampai tak de tempat aku nak duduk! Hahhaa.. dengki tak??

Suasana RASA yang baru agak best! Rasa mcm lebih byk seat, Cuma macam agak gelap sket. Ke?? Ke perasaan aku jer?? Haha.. tapi yang tak berapa best tu harga pulak sudah naik laaaaaa… mentang2 rupa sudah upgrade, harga pun ikut upgrade! Dulu teh tarik masa memula dulu RM1.80 jer, tak lama before renovate tu naik RM2, skrg ni lepas renovate RM2.20 ko!! Tapi Tak pe lah, yg penting dia dah bukak!

Yeayy yeayy yeayy!!

*sibuk menikmati makanan tadi, lupe nak snap gambar ambiance baru RASA!


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