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Sunday, February 10, 2013

my birthday dinner got surprise!! Haha..

Refer to my previous entry 31st birthday WOWW!!.. Basically that was our plan on celebrating my birthday. Decision has been made, the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands that is! Haha.. this year I’m gonna have a highland birthday!

We started our journey around 10am. It took approximately 3 hours leisure drive from seri kembangan to Cameron Highland. After passing by Rengit I started to open my eyes and look for The Lakehouse as stated in their website their location is in Tanah Rata. looking punya looking I spot the Lakehouse. It is just up the hill by the road. Hubby stoped by the road side and we observed the resort for a while. Hwmm… it is a very nice house… but the location is too far from places of interest there. It is not even reach the Tanah Rata town. Hwmmm too far… 

We both agree to find another hotel on our list, The Ye olde Smoke house or strawberry park resort. Hubby keeps driving. And I keep looking. Then I spot the Smoke House signboard. We  drop by to look around the resort and we got a deejavu- felt like we were in Fresers Hill pulak! Haha.. the surroundings mimics the ye olde smoke house in frasers hill where we’ve been few years back. We really love the hospitality and enjoyed our stay back then. So without doubt we decided to stay in the smoke house. Luckily there are rooms available. We chose the suite that facing their beautiful garden.

The environment in the hotel is very warm and felt like living in English home... staffs were very helpful and friendly. If we want a personal touch, this is the place to be. They know every guest in the house. 

After checking in, we took a rest, enjoying the fresh complimentary fruit, then we went down to Tanah Rata to have our lunch. Hubby said we have a ala kadar lunch for tonight we are going to have extravaganza dinner. Yeahh.. I like that!

After lunch hubby drove again for sightseeing. We stop by their market and have fresh strawberry dip in chocolate. Yummy!! Raheel really liked it! Why eh? Eating strawberry in the highlands taste much nicer than in the lowland (back home)? It tastes sweeter compare when we brought it back, it taste so much sour…

Late in the evening we headed back to our room. Freshen up and get ready for my birthday dinner! We placed our order. For me a roast duck, for hubby a sirloin steak and a buttered rice for Raheel. While waiting for our food, Raheel fell asleep… and he slept until we finished our dinner. Memang kasik chance betol! We left Raheel sleeping on a sofa in the lobby (while the staff tolong tengok2 kan dia) and I get to enjoy my dinner to the max without having to worry about Raheel’s table manner. Haha..


 After finishing our main course, I just thought to order desert when suddenly the music in the restaurant switch from a slow love song melody to a birthday melody… everybody in the house looking at each other (well there were only 3 or 4 tables occupied - tak lah ramai sangat). Then a waiter approaching me with a cake in his hands and every eyes turn their direction towards me and then started singing a birthday song for me. I was speechless and can't believe that this is happening to me. I thought something like this is only happening on tv! Haha... Felt like a celebrity pulak!! Thank you so very much hubby!! 

After blowing candle we enjoyed the tasty cake and i still feel like dreaming! I thought staying in ye olde smoke house and having expensive dinner in their restaurant was already enough. I really didn't expect hubby to set a surprise like that.. Oh hubby you make me 
Love u even more!! There's only one thing missing "a surprising gift like a ring in my drinking glass" haha.. Hubby said may be next time.. Then he handed me 3 stalks of red rose and said "this means I LOVE U" hihihi... Hubby ni romantik lah!

Haha.. That was my 31st birthday experience... Thank you again hubby for making my day!! I really am the luckiest women alive on this earth... And i am soooo thankful for that...

more photos mcm biasa.. ada kat FB..

Raheel's 2nd Birthday from Gold Coast to Pyramid

Aha.. gempak tak tajuk entry nih? Yeahh… after celebrating Raheel’s birthday in Gold Coast Morib, previousentry we shoot to sunway pyramid pulak. Haha.. jauh tu dari banting ke subang jaya… tapi this is Raheel’s birthday.. takkan nak terus balik kan?

After that long journey, finally we reached sunway pyramid. We decided to have our lunch there and we choose TGI Friday so that we can have them to sing birthday song for Raheel!! Hahaha.. walopon raheel tak faham sangat what was going on, but I can see that he enjoyed the company. Yeayy!! We got free I cream with candle for Raheel’s birthday at Fridays!!!

After lunch we loitering around for a while and head back home…. Happy 2nd Birthday Raheel.. ayah and bonda love you soooooOOoooooOOooo Much!!! Semoga Raheel jadi anak yang soleh, baik dan Berjaya and sentiasa senangkan hati ayah and bonda…

Raheel's 2nd birthday at GOLD COAST Morib...

Sedang aku nak tulis cerita about my birthday, i ter came across entry about Raheel birthday yang half way aku buat. Hahaha.. tak aci sungguh... i better siapkan this entry dulu before aku teruskan with story about my birthday. Ciann Raheel.. so here it is..

20th November 2012!! Yeayyy!! Raheel, my most beloved budak in this world is 2 years old! After this if we ever naik aeroplane again we will have to pay for your ticket lah.. hihi..

I was so excited and looking foward for Raheel 2nd birthday! Ibu mane yang tak excited kan? Hihi.. i’ve bought a coupon in groupon months before – Malaysia Book of Record Birthday package where we get 1 Night Stay at Gold Coast Morib Resort with a jacuzzi + Meals + Water Theme Park entry + Birthday Cake & Gift + a Certificate! Raheel got a Malaysia Book Of Record cert for participate in this programme... and on 19th November 2012 we check in at the resort.

view from our room
 it was quite a satisfying stay. The room is nice but they provide us with 2 single beds and when i request for a king or queen sized bed the staff simply said that they don’t have it in their resort which i think is a big liar. Takkan lah tak de kan?? When I query about it then only she said that there’s no more room with double bed available. Ha.. lain kali cakap biar terang… kan tak pasal2 kena marah..  Even though I still feel that she is lying but it is quite a reasonable reason lah kan.. so I accept it lah. Lagi pon it was no big deal sangat coz we can move the beds close to make a double bed.

The other facilities in the room is quite fair... the bathroom is big but there was one thing that brought my mood down- The unpleasant smell in the bathroom, Hancing!! May be orang yang stay before us kecing dalam shower and house keeper didn’t clean it well. I have to wash the bathroom floor, the shower area and the Jacuzzi… then only the smell gone. Phewww~ hampeh btol! Seb baek hubby sabar kan aku. Kalo ikut hati aku nak call room service jer nak suruh dia buat and sambil tu aku nak bebel kaw2 punya.. haha.. tapi my hubby is too nice, dia tak bagi.. hihi..

Other than that, room facilities semuanya ok… the Jacuzzi is superb I tell you…. Besttt!! Tak yah p waterpark pon Raheel dah enjoy main dalam Jacuzzi tu… the waterpark pon quite satisfying- clean (at that time) not too huge but huge enough la... and best… 

party buih!!

At night, we had the birthday dinner! It was just like ordinary buffet dinner. Nothing special about it. Cuma Raheel got a cake, a present (cute teady bear) and a cert. the food?? Hwmmm.. tak best! Too many people, not enough table, we have to clean the table on our own, not enough baby chair and not enough food (sangat lambat top up) and the food pon tak banyak variety. Basically we not really enjoy l;ah the food. We ate asal kenyang and back to our room to celebrate Raheel birthday with tok ayah tok ibu and mak teh yang datang join sama!

happy 2nd birthday Raheel!!

Happy Birthday to Raheel!! We ate the not so tasty free cake. and the most important thing is that we enjoy and get the chance to celebrate together…

After that we send tok ayah and tok ibu to the car and bye2 them. Then we walk around the resort to enjoy the scenary at night. Hwmm.. was quite a nice resort..

The next day, after breakfast we spend the morning in the theme park before checking out…. Overall it was quite a satisfying stay but the service not so good and need a lot of improvement…

the water park..

more on Raheel birthday... bersambung in next entry...

Friday, February 8, 2013

31st birthday WOWW!!..

Come 4th Feb 2013... it’s my 31st birthday! Fuyyoo.. 31 owedi la... although the number is quite huge, I’m still young by appearance as well as young at heart. Haha..

I am so thankful that I already have almost everything that every person in this entire world wanted to have -> A beautiful family – a loving husband and a very cute andclever son, a good established career, a comfortable own home, a stable financial and live in moderate yet lavish life. I can say that i live a happy successfull life lah... Alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for granting this smooth and easy life journey for me. I feel that my every prayer has been answered. semoga hidup aku akan terus bahagia, gembira and sihat sejantera. aminnn...

So, as usual, we’ll be going somewhere to celebrate my birthday- the so called birthday gateway lah... as for last year we went to A’famosa Resot Melaka and we planed ahead for that. This year pulak we did a very last minute plan because my hubby cannot confirm his leave approval earlier due to his involvement in a special project in his office. My birthday was on Monday, and only on Thursday 31 Jan, my hubby get the leave confirmation. So on that very day baru we think seriously about where we (actually I hehe..) wanted to go to spend my birthday.

Arghhh ad hoc plan for a vacation memang tak best. I tried searching for flight ticket to Langkawi, Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu, Bandung, Krabi etc.. but last minute deal semua a bit too expensive and not worth to spend for.  But above all that Langkawi and Terengganu was quite reasonable and still within our budget. So at first we decided to choose between that two. The return ticket was around RM800++ for me, hubby and Raheel. Tapi there’s drawback if we choose to go there. If we already spend 800 for tickets, then we’ll have a very limited budget for hotel and shopping. Uhhh tak best la dok hotel biasa2 ni... gue mau yang banyak2 star punyerr. hahaha.. poyo tak? Tak pelah, after all ini kan my birthday...

So change of plan. Instead of wasting money for tickets, we decided to find a place that is reachable by land. Searching punya searching, from a very long list finally it came to 2 choices. Casa del Rio Melaka ( a very beautiful hotel by the Melaka river – tempat Mastechef Malaysia shooting tu..) or The Lakehouse, Cameron highlands ( a beautiful English house resort -  yang aku berkenan by tengok kat website je..)

Casa del Rio

The Lakehouse
After overnight of thinking, we decided to go to Melaka. I call the hotel to make a reservation, sadly there’s no more river view room available. Damnnn... i wanted that river view... tak de maknanya stay there if i cannot get the riverview room... nak tengok bot lalu.. huhuh... so, cancel lah pegi Melaka.. we change our plan and decided to go to Cameron Highlands... the Lakehouse.

And because it is Cameron Highlands where there’s not much activity to do, we choose to stay for just one night. Mati kutu kot kalo tido 2 malam.. nak wat hape je kat situ kan? So we choose to check in on 3rd feb which is on Sunday so that tak crowded sangat kat atas tu because people dah ramai turun on the day we climb up. Pandai tak percaturan aku? haha.. And because it is not a peak time,aku tak reserve pon a hotel room for us. Pegi walk in jer nanti..

And because we plan to go Cameron on Sunday, we decide to spend our Saturday in Sunway Lagoon as pre-birthday gateway for me. Actually the main reason is to bring Raheel swimming. Sibuk bebeno sibudak tu nak swim, siap swimming atas lantai umah.. haha.. so to Sunway Lagoon we went!! Spend entire Satur-enjoyingday there! Sangat best and we will go there again soon! Hihihi..

Ok, that’s it for now... the story mori about my Highland birthday will be continued in the next entry... tungguuuuuuu!!!


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