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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rumah kami, Syurga kami...

kita mulakan dengan ALHAMDULILLAH... at the age of 29 my hubby and i manage to own our own house. Yeah, looks like my wish that I mentioned early this year at my babai colours of 2010… entry has come true!

Praise to Allah for generously giving our family rezeki. After 3 years of paying only rental fee finally we get to pay for our own house! Yeahh… gembira sunguh rasa hati! Nampaknya segalanya dipermudahkan bagi kami.

After surveying lots and lots of housing area, finally we found it right in front of our eyes! It’s the house that we’ve been living in for the last 3 years! Hahaha… we bought the house that we’re renting! Thank god that the former owner agreed to sell it to us. Kan senang? Haaa… even though it is not a new property but it’s better for us coz we don’t have to deal with double cost which is paying house rental while waiting for the new house to be completely build which I don’t think my hubby and I can afford. We just pay rental fee as usual until the buying process is settled. Then we can immediately stop paying rental as we start paying to the bank! And there’s no need for us to move out to another house! Furthermore we have already familiar with the neighbors and neighborhood. How lucky we are!

It’s been 3 months… we are now recovering from suffering for 10% down payment plus legal fees plus entah ape2 lagi punye fees in the process of buying the house. Now I realized how hard it is to buy a house. We need lots of cash money man! Uhukkk2!! Sampai tersedak2 aku! Tak pe… bersusah-susah dahulu… bersenang-senang kemudian. No vacation for this year, tak pe as long as we always have a house to stay forever… hehehe… (feeling proud..)

Now we can raise our children at ease that we have our own heaven… it is our humble 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 22x70 double storey terrace house located in Taman Lestari Putra, Seri Kembangan….


::ini bukan rumah kami... ni rumah utk dijual yg aku jumpe kat tapi inilah dia rupa bentuk design rumah kami itu..::

Hahha.. rumah sudah ada.. sekarang kepala hotak aku dok pikir nak renovate jerr… tak pon sekurang2 nya meng'interior design'kan rumah ku syurga ku itu…. Hehehe… money! Money! Money! (seru duit supaya turun dari langit!) hahaha…!


  1. Hi..i pon tgh cr rumah..i came accross this blog sbb i tgh browse2 rumah area seri kembangan.. :) selamat berkenalan.. :)

  2. hai zeta, good luck mencarik.. dun wori, area seri kembangan ada byk rumah.. and location pun strategik!
    Selamat berkenalan.. =)

  3. Chep,

    Brape dlu dapat bli rumah nih??Aku dapat gak sebijik kt LEP5/15...huhu..

  4. eh ferr ko dok kat LEP gak keh?? berneighbour la kita ni ek?



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