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Monday, October 31, 2011

review about Colmar Tropicale - a french theme resort

Recently hubby and I together with our 10 month old son, Raheel, went for a trip to Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. It is a French themed resort under Berjaya Hill located 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests (taken from the website). The concept, the scenery, the environment and surroundings really is spectacular! really siuts to those who wants to rest, relax and have a peace retreat.

For me everything there is perfect BUT the hospitality by the staff. They are very unfriendly and inefficient. First, the reception didn’t give precise information about the room available. She told us that there only 2 type of room available which is standard room comes with 2 single beds and suite comes with 1 king sized bed. I plan to stay only one night and don’t mind staying in a small room as long as hubby, Raheel and I can sleep together on a bed. So I asked the lady whether the single bed can be moved closer together (like most hotels). And she confidently said yes! So without thinking any further we took the standard room.

Then we proceed to our car, collect our luggage and wandering at the basement parking looking for which door to accessed to our block. I saw some maintenance worker looking at us and nobody offered any help. Yes, you are the maintenance guy, nothing to do with bell boy or whatsoever but you are the hosts and we are the guess… at least you can show us the right direction. There I see the unfriendliness and their unwillingness to help.

Come in the room, the first thing I checked was the bed. We tried to move the bed closer but it is actually a build-in bed and cannot be moved at all! Gggrrr!! Hangen satu badan aku! If the lady gave us right information we must have took the suite! How can I possibly sleep on a single bed and breastfeed raheel? Mau tergolek budak tu. Dah ler dia tido suke pusing2!
so, after some considerations my hubby called the receptionist asking to upgrade our room. We waited almost half an hour for the process and the bellboy came to bring our bags and lead us to our new room. On the way to the room my hubby and I tried to make a conversation but he didn’t seem interested. Cisss! Memang tak peramah!
Once we entered the suite, wahhhh!!! It’s huge man! Really huge! Kalo nak main kejar2 dlm bathroom pon buleh! Memang puas hati but the furniture quite old… but it is ok and worth the price...

Long story short, dinner time we head to one of the restaurant (forgot the name cause all the shops there using French name. we ate roasted chiken! Yummy! Yummy ke?? Not so yummy but ok ok la… it’s not the food I wanna talk about, it’s the waiter. The unfriendliness of them… I don’t know how to explain, all I can say is I don’t feel warm or cozy eating there.

Then after having dinner we go jalan2 around the resort and before head back to our room we stop at their pizza restaurant to tapau a pizza. This time I wasn’t only upset about their unfriendliness but I felt so mad of the waitress rudeness!

We came into the restaurant, nobody even looking at us what more to greet, Haram! Then dengan terpinga2 we were looking for any waiter to take our order. Then my hubby approached this one lady and with a sour face she asked us to wait. Hell! Buat2 busy pulak! There I saw only two tables are occupied! Finally there’s one Indian lady took our order. My hubby asked her recommendation on the pizza. Maklumla, all the pizza name is in French. And she answered without even looking at us and with a fedup reaction. Damn! Terbakar betol aku. We were not looking for attention or royal treatment, but pay a little respect. We are guess here!

The next day, we decided to take the provided tram to Animal Park. When we reach their waiting hut I saw their worker sitting there chatting and joking with each other. Nobody greet us as we approached. And when my hubby ask about departure time to animal park one of them answered then or while continue laughing with their jokes. JERK!! As we sat there waiting I felt so grrRR with their behavior. They acted as we were not existing.

It was the same at the animal park. The entrance guy was not friendly at all. We weren’t feeling welcome at the animal park! Luckily the animals there especially the rabbit are all friendly! Yes, I can say that animal there is more friendly than the human!

I’ve been to many places/ resort that’s why I can see so much different comparing to colmar tropicale in term of warmth and kindness of the staff. When I was in Holiday Villa Bali, smiles never leave their faces and they greet us whenever they see us. Same goes in phuket and nothing less when I stayed in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. And as far as I can remember I have never came across any hotels or resort with this lousy treatment as colmar tropicale.

What a shame, Berjaya Hill succeeded to build a very gorgeous resort, with so much attractions and stunning scenery but they failed to trained their employee with the skills of hospitality-the most essential skill.

I’ve already lodged a complaint about this matter through guess satisfaction survey and I really hope there will be changes on their staff attitude when I see them in my next visit.


  1. harap2 diorg akan upgrade service idorg lepas terima complaint dr ko ni.

  2. heharap gitulah yatie... malu jer kat tourist luar kalo dtg malaysia gitu cara dierang layan..

  3. aku hrp komplen ko smpai la pd org septtnye. aku br je nk ty ty ko psl bukit tinggi nih...



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