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Saturday, May 17, 2014

6th anniversary @ Hard Rock Hotel Penang

MAY 2014

As usual, we celebrate our wedding anniversary on vacation… last year we were hardrocking in Bali, this year 2014 we went hardrocking at Penang pulak.. Alhamdulillah…

It was our second time celebrating anniversary at hard rock hotel Penang. The first time was for our 2nd anniversary. That time I was pregnant for Raheel. Kali ni pulak I was pregnant for Reehan! Hehe.. What a nice coincident kan…
2010 - Raheel was inside me
2014- Raheel is out and Reehan was in 

Basically it was a very simple vacation. Maklumlah.. I was pregnant and tend to get tired very easily. So, we arrived at the hotel and enjoying the huge swimming pool. At night, we had dinner at Hard Rock café and enjoy live music. Actually live music is not allowed for under age, but we managed to stay awhile and out by 11pm as the music started to get louder. Hehe...  dapat lah Raheel experience his very first live band show. Suke sangat dia! Terpegun tgk orang nyanyi and the loud sound didn’t bother him at all..

Gambar ni Raheel yang snap

Raheel layan live band..

Café staffs were very friendly and provide superb service especially for me the pregnant lady and Raheel. Macam2 Raheel dapat… balloon lah… strawberry lahh.. and he even get on stage to look closer at drum.. (that was before the liveshow started lah) tQ to the staff sebab rajin bebenow melayan kerenah Raheel.

One thing that hubby and I love about hardrock hotels is they are child’s friendly and they make vacation with young kids with no hassle at all.

As hubby and I enjoying our stay in Hard rock, Raheel is enjoying even more! Raheel kata “ ’rumah situ’ best.. ada swim pool.. ada slide anyang purple, anyang yellow… nyang ada sand castle.. ‘shebo shebo shebo sand castle’ “ hahaha…

Anyway, Raheel refers hotels as ‘rumah situ’ hehehe.. tak tau mana datang perkataan rumah situ tu…

The next day after checking out, we went jalan2 cari makan in Penang. I was craving for Nasi Kadar Line Clear and we went searching for the restaurant! Ohh I tot it was a restaurant, but it actually is a stall behind a restaurant. A hidden stall at the backstreet of a restaurant that is. Tak sangka the makan place is not as Gah as the name. Tak kisah lah.. whatever it is, nasi kandar line clear memang daBOMBB!! Sampai la ni cheq dok terghasa ghasa lagi sedap nyer… nasik kandaQ with udang galah yg besar itew… drooling!!

Jom p Penang lagi!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hubby's 2014 Birthday!

May 2014- hubby’s 32nd birthday! This year punya birthday celebration for hubby pon wasatiah jugak. Just like my birthday. Pasai apa?? Pasai duit dah byk abes time p korea early 2014… so everything else in 2014 kenalah berwasatiah. Hehehe..

For this year as well tak de surprise present for hubby. Instead, we went to buy the gift together… haha.. macam previous years jugak lah.. I plan what to give as gift and hubby choose his choice… for 2014 I give hubby a smart phone. Kesian dia.. everyone else dah guna smart phone, but hubby’s phone nak whatsup pon tak boley! Hahaha..

So to midvaley we went. Out of many2 smartphone models, hubby chose LENOVO S930 with 6” punya screen. Besau tu!! That’s the best phone with the best specification that we can get within my budget. Hehehe… Lama berkampung kat kedai Lenovo tu utk proses pembelian… seb baek ada tempat duduk utk aku yang pregnant ni. Hehehe…

Hubby really enjoys his new smartphone! Welcome to smartphone world hubby… guna baik2.. jgn miss used main message dgn aweksss pulak!! Hehehe…

After birthday present buying session, i belanja hubby lunch @ madam kwan... aduring pregnant nih susah sikit nak cari makan yg kena dgn tokak den ni ha.. hehehe.. 

end of hubby's birthday day...

oppss.. ada lagiiii... i kan always try to make extra extra for hubby... so.. i plan for extended simple birthday celebration for him..

Hubby's birthday was on Sunday, on monday i threw a simple suprise for him. i bought red velvet cupcake and waited for him back from work and together with Raheel we suprise him once he open the door! Raheel was so excited! and how that simple thing can do wonders and make our day!  
Anyway, happy birthday hubby.. semoga hubby terus success and terus sayang pada mummy and our family!! I LOVE U!!


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