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Monday, December 31, 2012

New year 2013!! lalalala...

It’s New Year again! Sayonara to colourful 2012 and a very warm welcome to 2013!
Well 2012 have been so kind to me. It was the year that full with good things and rezeki for me and my family. It was the year that I was showered with happiness and prosperity, look like my wish in early 2012 has been granted - (this entry). Well, some of the realistic wish la… hehe.. 
2012, what have I achieved?  Alhamdulillah…. In 2012 we manage to arrange for an over sea vacation, mega project that I mentioned last year. Hahaha.. tak leh gempak sangat… we went to Guilin, China jer bukan Europe like the original plan.. hehe.. Entry about the trip still under construction even though dah almost 3 months kami pegi , so not blogger tegar lah aku nih! Niway, I will update it soon when dah siap mengarang yerr…
Apart from Guilin we also went for some other small vacations - Singapore , Afamosa resort, Grand lexis PD, aquaria, Gold Cost Morib and lain-lain weekend getaway lagi… kate suke travel kan.. haruslah berjalan selalu.. hehe. Lagipun Raheel is now a big boy and easier to manage compared when he was still a little baby…
And the biggest and proudest achievement of 2012 was our house renovation!!! Yeahhh we renovate our house, not entirely just the car porch and gate. Kasik Nampak luas and cantik… the project begun on 16 November 2012 and now still on going for final details finishing. Yeahh yeahhh… the biggest hajat of 2012 tercapai jugakkkk!! Alhamdlillahhh… the longer story about our house renovation nih next time lah I tell you.
Another sweetest memory was of course my Raheel started walking at the age of 1 year plus. And he started calling me bonda, well not sounds exactly like “bonda” lah. He pronounce it as “apuh” but for me it is acceptable! Heehhe.. and he can clearly say “Ayah”, "atuk" "opah"....  
Haaaa… life in 2012 was just soooo good. Cuma in terms of work it was still brand new boring thing for 2012. Benda2 yang tertangguh masih tertangguh and will be dragged to 2013 and nampaknya sinar2 untuk bertukar to other ministry masih kabur… and chances to be promoted still unseen. I hope 2013 will bring more joy to my working life….
Ok, 2013…. I will try to lose at least 4kg of my body weight. Hahaha! I wanna be like me when I just get married. Kecik molek without much excessive spare tyre especially around tummy. Huhuh.. I will excersice more and control my big appetite.  What an ambitious resolution kan?? I will try my best though! And I hope I will achieve my goal and maintain it so that I can write in my 2013 achievement. Chaiyokkkkk!!! Hehe..
Unlike previous previous year, this year I’m not as excited in making plans… after spent a fortune in vacations and house renovation, I think we need a break from any mega project for at least a year and come out with one in 2014. Hehehe... I want this year to be a year to berjimat cermat and make a lot of savings so that we can enjoy more in 2014. Haha boleh ke?? I will try lah.. with the support from my hubby of course!
I don’t really have plans for vacation in 2013 except may be a vacation during our anniversary. I plan to get a new ride but not planning to get it in 2013. I plan to climb Gunung Tahan but still belom confirm whether or not to go on with the plan. Hahaha.. why eh?? I don’t usually like this. May be I just want 2013 to be a moderate year for me? Hahaha… yo lah tu chip!! anyhow, I will always make 2013 be one of the best years of my life. That’s for sure!
Come come 2013… come and cherish my life…..


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