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Saturday, November 23, 2013

RAHEEL’s 3rd Birthday…

20 November 2013… my beloved son Raheel Adli reached 3yrs old! Owhh tak sangka anak bonda dah 3 tahun! For his birthday this year, we decided to take him to KOTA KERIANGAN GentingHIghlands! Naik cable car, and for him to enjoy his day at the indoor park..

enjoying 'becker' car..
Early morning we started our journey to the cable car station. Raheel was very excited and bonda excited even more because this is first time for Raheel to experience cable car.. and he pronounce it as becker car.. haha..

In the cable car along the journey down up the highlands Raheel kept mumbling “wahhh.. wahhh.. cantikk… tinggi nyer… wahhhhh…” hehehe… im glad he enjoyed the scenery. Nature lover nih… macam bonda kan?

makan pon terlelap.. sampai terlepas ayam tu.. ;D
When we reached the top station, we proceed to the indoor park, bought tickets and enjoy!!!! Raheel kata “naik becker car… (cable car), naik ems… (tak tau ape ni), naik train, train ade bell kiting..kiting..kiting… naik car pusing2, raheel kena drive, corner2…” hehe.. that’s the line that he kept on saying on the way back home up until today… he seems to enjoy the birthday treat very much! Ape tak nya? Puas dia main berkali kali kali especially car pusing2 tu. Sampai letih sangat2 and time makan pon boleh lelap… hehehe..

naik train ada bell.. kiting3..
car pusing2.. raheel kena drive
Come back from genting, we went straight to tok ayah tok ibu’s house to celebrate Raheel’s birthday with them pulak… at this party atuk lah org paling excited sekali… and we enjoyed ice cream cake yang sedap itew!!

Party at atok's

The next day, we went to bonda’s kampong pulak. This time we brought the party to sijangkang! We celebrate Raheel’s birthday together with my November nieces & nephews. 2 cakes were provided since the party was huge! Almaklumlah.. family besar… and memang havoc and enjoyable!

Party berkali kali untuk Raheel. Puas dia ber “odey-odey to you” and hiyup linin… haha... that was how he pronounce happy birthday to you – ODEY ODEY to YOU! 

muncung abess..

party at sijangkang..

dah nak masuk 4th birthday baru update 3rd birthday punya story.. hhihi.. tak pe la kan.. so long update so that boley buat self-reference pada peristiwa2 yang jadik dalam hidup aku nih…

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